About the Programs:

The Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering offers a Master’s Degree Program (M. Eng.) and a Doctoral Program (Ph.D) in Georesources and Petroleum Engineering. Both programs are designed for Thai and foreign students, using English as a program language.

The master program is designed for students who obtained degree in either B.Eng. or B.Sc. in related disciplines, whereas students holding M.Eng. or M.Sc. in related disciplines are eligible to apply for the doctoral program. These programs will serve both academic and industrial demands of highly competent engineers who are able to conduct both scientific and engineering investigations to solve various problems related to mineral and petroleum resources as well as resources recovery and recycling.

The curriculums operate on a semester system, providing an extensive study in georesources and petroleum engineering which emphasizes on technologies and advanced researches in the following three disciplines:

  • Mining Engineering: a branch of engineering discipline focusing on thorough life-cycle extraction for sustainable development of georesources; which covers from appraisal of mineral deposit, mineral reserve estimation, planing and execution of mineral exploitation as well as planing for environmental controls and planing for post-mining land uses.
  • Resources Recycling Engineering: a branch of engineering discipline focusing on life-cycle approach for resource efficiency; concerning both primary resources (i.e. mineral resources extracted from mining activities) and secondary resources (i.e. scalps, recycled materials and wastes), which is so-called urban mining.
  • Petroleum Engineering: a branch of engineering discipline connecting with the subsurface activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, either crude oil or natural gas.

Why These Programs at Chulalongkorn University?

Chulalongkorn University is the first university providing curriculums in Mining Engineering (since 1938) and Petroleum Engineering (since 1984) in Thailand. Until now, there are only four universities that offer Mining Engineering Program and moreover, Chulalongkorn University is the only university who offers Petroleum Engineering Program in Thailand.

Due to various concerns on depleting of resources as well as accumulation of end-of-life solid waste, the Mining Engineering curriculum has been diversified since year 2000 to an extensive study not only on conventional mining, but also urban mining or resources recovery and recycling with connecting to resources efficiency for sustainability.

The Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering also has close networks and strong collaborations with related government agencies and industries as well as many international institutes. Students of the department would have opportunities to gain more experiences and build technical competence not only in Thailand, but also worldwide.

The brand new PhD Program to be offered from first semester, academic year 2020 (August 2020) is a research oriented program. Students can work on their research for doctoral dissertation from any place. Moreover, students do not need to attend regular classes at university, except doctoral seminar which can be remotely conducted through internet devices. Therefore, this program is specially designed for those who are working in related disciplines and prefer to study without resigning from their position.

Career Opportunity:

Graduates from our program each year obtain career positions in related government agencies, universities as well as research institutes, consultancy, oil and gas business, mining operation, and resources management section. The job responsibilities are varied depending on chosen discipline of individual student.  Job locations can also be varied among offshore, onshore, mining areas, urban areas and could be either in Thailand or aboard.

Admission and Requirement:

For the Master’s Degree Program, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science or currently study in the final academic year of the program. Applicants who have a diploma or equivalent with continuing study of 2-year Bachelor’s degree program must present a transcript of the diplomat or equivalent with the application documents.  However, the application must be approved by program committee. Applicants who want to apply in second semester must have a degree in Georesources Engineering or Mining Engineering or Petroleum Engineering only. Applicant can download application form together with document list at: Application Form (Master)

For the Doctoral Program, applicants must have a Master’s degree in Engineering or Science or related fields that are approved by program committee. Applicant can download application form together with document list at:Application Form (Phd)

Applicants can apply for admission at grad.chula.ac.th and submit the application documents to mn-pe@chula.ac.th  from February 1, 2024 to May 17, 2024.

Tuition and Fees (per semester for both programs):

Thai Students:

Tuition and Fees (per semester for both programs):

Thai Students:

Tuition fee                                33,500 THB

Program fee                              40,000 THB

Total                                           73,500 THB

International Students:

Tuition fee                                33,500 THB

International student fee 60,000 THB

Program fee                              40,000 THB

Total                                          133,500 THB

For more information please contact
Assistant Prof. Dr. Falan Srisuriyachai
tel:+662 218 6919
fax: +662 218 6920
email: falan.s@chula.ac.th